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  • Ford Escort
    I had two mk 2's, a 1.3 GL 5 door and a 1.3 L estate, and a few years later a 1.6 Ghia mk 3 in stunning crystal green and XR3 alloys. Cracking cars, the estate had been used as a chicken coop and I bought it for spares for my saloon but despite having stood and done twice the miles it ran better than my good car - shows how inconsistent the production quality was back in the 70's. The blue car blew up in Skegness on a lads holiday to Butlins and ended up in a pub car park - the landlord bought it off me. The Escort, along with the Fiesta, followed the Ford tradition of naming cars after porn mags. Fortunately by the 80's the marketing department came to their senses and the Cortina replacement was unveiled to the public as the Sierra, and not the Ford Razzle as originally suggested.
  • Austin Allegros
    I learnt to drive in a '77 1.3 2 door in white with a blue vinyl interior. I was driving it on a provi licence at 17 before I'd ever had a lesson! (first drove on a road at 15 - so had a bit of experience!). Past my test soon after and as soon as I was legal bought the car I wanted, a mk 2 Escort, and sold the Agro to my mates mum! Looking back it was a good little car, fine tuned my driving skills to pass my test, learned car body repair fixing the rust holes and even gave it a bit of tasteful customisation in the form of some blue coach lines. The one thing it didn't teach me, how to drive a rear wheel drive car in the days before ABS and traction control leading to a few brown trouser moments in the Escort.

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