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  • FA Cup Finals
    When you used to watch ALL of the build up. Used to like the morning behind the scenes at the team hotels.
  • Talking Head Dolls
    I used to drive everyone potty with one of these. I couldn't wait for the next voice so I'd pull the chord again and again and again!
  • Wrestling
    Saturday afternoon wrestling, my granny's favourite. Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy. Better than WWF. Well, seemed better entertainment when I was younger, now I know they're putting it on!
  • Rentaghost
    Audrey Roberts is still Miss Popov!
  • Coronation Street
    The credits at the end meant bedtime to me. KSome kids today are outside terrorising the neighbourhood!
  • VCRs
    Philips Video 2000 was the beast. You could record on both sides of the tape and it had a brilliant feature - the 'Go to' button. Make a note of the number on the counter at the end of each programme and you could go back to it without having to keep rewinding or forwarding. Class!
  • Scented Erasers
    My friend Diane had every version going. You name it she had it. The rest of us just couldn't compete. I remember having a lime green bucket and spade one oh and of course the obligatory hot dog and burger!

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