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  • Electric Blue
    My mum bought me an electric blue blouse, unfortunately, as mum's tend to do, she got it a bit wrong - it was polyester (not satin as I wanted) had roll up short sleeves with a tab and button (a bit like a coach driver)and to wear with it a thin 'P.V.C' black tie, when obviously I was hoping for leather. My sister got the same 'ensemble' but her blouse was white polyester. I remember we couldn't stand too close to each other for fear of sparks!
  • American Tan Tights
    I remember for a school disco once I wore American Tan 'pop sox' with khaki green cord peddle pushers, a ribbed polo neck jumper and a tartan cap. Why didn't my mum stop me?!!
  • Bod
    I loved Bod, particularly getting to guess the flavour milkshake before the frog sucked it up. I remember when they said the flavour, they said it very slowly, like: ch-oc-o-ate!! Very satisfying!

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