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  • Birds Eye Cheesies
    these may have been around in the 70's and 80's - but the packet above dates from around the early 2000's lol
  • Arctic Roll
    Just to clarify, the Lyons Maid ones are still going, but its the Birds Eye one that had been axed (in the 90's) and is now back in production again (includinga choc one)at (supposedly)1.99 a roll although im sure some shops have them cheaper.
  • Lemonade Sparkle Ice Lollys
    i remember these, i definitely remember the sticky paper wrapper lol tehy tasted just like lemonade. im sure you can still buy them , at least from ice cream vans.
  • Mini Milk Ice Lolly
    they still make the vanilla ones aswell. i used to like funny feet - and fabs!
  • Soda Stream
    they still make soda streams now.. i always remember wanting one as a kid but we never got one. i think mum always wondered what was the point when you buy a bottle of pop ready made lol (and the fact they were very expensive)
  • Cresta Drink
    i havent seen cresta lemonade for ages. is it still made?
  • Club Biscuits
    Club biscuits are stil alive and kicking - you just have to look in the supermarket :)

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