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  • Harvey's Duo Cans
    They were streets ahead of Vesta, for one thing they weren't dried they were ready cooked and just needed re heating like soup. I had a harvey's duo-can every week chicken curry and rice and it was superb. I wouldn't go near a Vesta a the time, as it was disgusting and nothing like a proper curry.
  • Nux Bar
    Don't think that's right. I was misled by a local petrol station who had no Picnic bars and told me Lion Bars were the same. Lion bars have no peanuts in them. Picnic Bars do. Nux bars were really like a Picnic, packed with peanuts and had toffee wafer and probably nougat in them too. They were I think a Rowntree Product that was discontinued probably around the late 1960s

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