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  • Ford Capris
    I keep an immaculate 1984 Injection as a limitd mileage classic. I've owned it for nearly 13 yrs & love it! I have had the engine enlarged to 3,000cc & I had a brand new Turbo Technics system & 7th injector fitted in 2007. It punts out 230 Bhp & 280 lbs ft at 3750 rpm. The engine is still bedding in, once it has done so, the car goes back to 'The Engine Tuner,' to have the boost increased. 250 Bhp & 300 lb ft of torque will be the order of the day. The whole car is extensively modded beneath the skin-brakes, suspension, transmission etc. The T-9 gearbox has been extensively strengthened & the ratios changed to mirror the 4 sp box. It really does 'GO LIKE LIGHTENING!" 0-60 is sub 6 seconds & the mid range poke is phenomenal. Awesome Q-car :) Bodie & Doyle would love it! I annihilated a 3.2i Audi A3 several months ago that tried to take the hit n miss. The look on the Panzer driver's face was a picture as I steamed past him in 2nd gear! Old Ford's just get MEANER & HARDER :)

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