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  • Follyfoot
    Although Callie was the main character in Monica Dickens books on Follyfoot, the 70s ITV series had the ever-moody Dora (played by Gillian Blake) as the main lead. A posh lonely teenager dumped by her unemotional parents on her Uncle (Desmond Llewelyn - he of Bond 'M' fame), Dora chose to stay at his run down Follyfoot Farm in Yorkshire which took in stray or wounded horses. Living under the watchful eye of Slugger (Arthur English), Stryker (Christian Rodska) and Steve (Steve Hodson) they rescued a distressed horse nearly every week. This meant that the farm was pretty full with strays and Steve seemed to live permanently over the barn! Like you say, Dora regularly 'welled-up' and her 'Oh, Steve ...' was her regular classic line. The simmering attraction between Dora and Steve fuelling the minds of teenage girls everywhere on a Sunday afternoon!!

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