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  • Vesta curries
    Once upon a time Vesta meals were most people's only experience of "continental" food. In those days Indian and Chinese restaurants were still novel and a bit exotic; we didn't realise that there was more than one type of curry (or even rice for that matter.) Pasta usually came out of a tin (as did beef burgers), nobody had the faintest clue what a "baguette" was and as for things like "pain au chocolat" or even croissants, well, nobody had even heard of them. I still like the odd Vesta from time to time - sure, they are about as authentic as a £14 note, but they actually taste ok in their own right and they certainly bring back memories...
  • Squirmles
    They were, as the noses used to break off. They have, however, made a comback (under a different name.) They are still rubbish and don't live up to their adverts, but I always wanted one as a kid.
  • Music Centres
    I'm afraid to say that I owned 2 Amstrads - an SM101 (the record deck whirred in and out at the touch of a button, in the days before CD became popular) and a Studio 100 (a music centre-cum-4 channel recording studio, which appeared to be a sea of knobs and meters.) Yes, sound quality wasn't great, but in those days CDs used to inhabit a small shelf at the back of the record shop, and so we were all strangers to the crystal clarity that was digital sound.
  • Raleigh Chippy
    I think that the Chippy was a miniscule version of the Chipper, and had welded-on stabilizers. It was never meant to be ridden on two wheels, and was an altenative to the kids tricycle.

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