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  • Vertibird
    I remember this well it never lasted long i remember having fallen out with my cousin because i was so jealous of me having it that he kicked it up in the air one afternoon when i had it set up outside..... ohh but the memorys
  • Race N Chase Race Track
    wanted a scalectric like my mates but got a race and chase for christmas and even now i still think it was better than any scalectric the cars were smaller but a lot more realistic looking with working lights
  • Stretch Armstrong
    Had the Incredible Hulk stretch great toy but i stabed him with a badge pin and he started to bleed a sticky goo
  • Sticklebricks
    aww stickle bricks what a brilliant toy and i had many many that i managed to stuff plasticine in to AHhh the memory's come flooding back
  • Space Hoppers
    I had a kermit the frog one many many happy hours bouncing on it and the falling off was all part of the fun...

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