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  • Chipmunk OXO Crisps
    Do I remember OXO crisps? Not arf! Weekly visits to Stow Hill Baths in Newport always culminated in a visit to what was called 'the Buffet' (cafe to you and me). We always bought a packet of the scrummiest crisps ever created -Chipmunk OXO. Nothing has EVER bettered Chipmunk OXO crisps. Nothing....not Bovril, not Walkers Marmite even, not any beefy crisps. Have I got the message across? Chipmunk OXO were the very best - together, of course with a mug of steaming hot OXO. Wow. I can still savour that heady blend of OXO crisps, hot OXO drink and chlorine in the air! It seems like yesterday but it must be 50 years ago. Lovely stuff! Never forgotten. Should campaign for a come-back. Come on Walkers! You could do it!

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