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  • Scratch and sniff
    I collected scratch n sniff stickers along with my friend. Things like fresh cut grass, fresh air, taco's, baby powder, Oil, birthday cake, pickle, old tires, bad breath, root beer. Ive still got the collection and wonder if they still smell or not?? Then I remember the smelly felt tip pens, just fruit smells but really strong and the ink never used to come off your fingers!
  • Benetton
    My friend and I used to wear matching Benetton sweatshirts. If we were lucky we could get into the kids clothing (which was cheaper) called 012 Benetton. The sweatshirts either had the little Benetton emblem on the breast or the benetton name and logo across the chest. We bought those sweatshirts in every colour. Nowadays Benetton stuff is really sought after - especially the rugby shirts that sell for a mint on ebay! I gave mine to a friend who is kindly looking after it and still wearing it 20 years on!
  • Poison Perfume
    Poison was the perfume my first boyfriend bought me and I LOVED it. It was so heavy and came in a beautiful bottle (which I still have). It set me onto the path of always wearing heavy perfumes like LouLou and nowadays, Jean Paul Gaultier and Angel.
  • Monster Munch
    Yes they do taste like they used to, they have the same original size and texture. Ive only had the pickled onion (in the purple pack) and the roast beef (in the yellow pack) but its great to see them back. Dont know if they are back for good, or just for a limited time but Ive seen a lot of people buying them!
  • Secret Chocolate Bar
    I had completely forgotten about secrets till I saw this and read all the comments tonight, I LOVED them and bought them regularly! They just dont make such interesting sweets today :0(
  • Quatro
    Quatro - remember it well, as everyone says, the can design and the fruity drink...
  • Opal Fruits
    Loved the lime flavour Opal Fruits. Asda are currently doing limited edition packs of "Opal Fruits" for all us that remember then! All four original flavours: lime, strawberry, orange and lemon.

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