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  • Ford Capris
    BEST car ever!!! I had a 1973 Daytona Yellow 1600GT mk I Facelift,a 1979 Gold 2.0 S,1981 Silver 2.0S (it looked like Bodie AND Doyle lived at my house!!),1983 Dark Grey 2.0S,1984 white 2.8 Injection Special,1985 blue/silver 2.8 injection Special(fitted with 2.0 modern Ford twin cam Injection engine-AWSOME CAR!!!!)1987 Capri 280 "Brooklands" Green, 1986 Paris Blue 1600 Laser,1981 Black 2.0S. These were the ones that i actually ran - I also have had at least 5 more capri's ,projects that never quite made it or cars I broke to prolong other cars lives or on the odd occasion bought,never started working on then sold for a profit! Capri's have always been good to me,i dont think I ever had a truly bad one ,I actually bought, sold,bought back,sold and bought back the grey 2.0s ! I finally broke it after the rust got too much but it gave me 130,000 miles of fantastic driving pleasure and only let me down when I neglected it in later life. I got my first Capri in 1984 and sold my last one in 2011 and am pretty sure that I never had a time between those date when I didn't own at least one capri. I also have a feeling in my water that another one will find me (like Harry Potter's Wand!!!) in the future,although I bet I will be paying a lot more than the average £180-300 that used to by a bloody good one!!I really miss those long bonnets lively handling (I simply CANNOT relate to front wheel drive cars!)and the general good feeling from other owners and ex-owners. I currently drive the Capri's "grandson" a Ford Probe-a surprisingly good car,well appointed,comfortable,adequately fast and amazingly good looking (the wife LOVES it -she refused to be seen in the Capri's!). Fantastic car that was a massive part of my life-I was known for years as Caprinix ! I even made a reasonble part-time wage supplying spares on ebay for a number of years,wish I had my stock of spares to sell now as the market for GOOD capri bits is now going thru the roof!
  • Computacar
    Just looking at it now and it's made by "Mettoy Playcraft"under license from"Hasbro Industries USA" (car Made in japan)
  • Bachman Turner Overdrive
    I still have this bands "Not Fragile" album and thanks to this reminder will be playing it while enjoying a few JD and Cokes tonight..Happy New Year!!!
  • Bachman Turner Overdrive
    Probably best known as the providers of Smashy and Niceys Theme tune on The Fast Show,larger-than-life ZZTop Look-a-likes did actually put on a great live show and were pretty big for a while.I have great memories of this band ;-)
  • Computacar
    Got my first one for Christmas 1970,it was the most hi-tech thing I had seen in my 9 years on planet Earth.Pretty good GT40 look-a-like,needed a big room to use it in but it did work pretty well and was quite a good way to learn how to program a " computer" , the "Rubbish in, Rubbish out" maxim definitely works here as the car does EXACTLY what you "tell" it to! I dont know what happened to the original one,I left it in my ma and pa's loft when I moved out in 1979 and it just disappeared. This Xmas tho my brother surprised me by giving me one he had searched out for me on Ebay (mint , almost un-played-with condition,in box with all the cones,the instruction book and uncut cards). It needs the pinch-roller replacing, as the original has perished, but is otherwise in "ready-to-go" order. It is so simple but at the same time a brilliant idea and even today I am still,as an engineer, impressed with the build quality and the whole package. There are several on Ebay at the moment for not a lot of £ so I recommend you have a look and maybe treat yourself to an iconic 70's Tech-toy.

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