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  • Rag and Bone Man
    Yes I do remember a rag and bone man coming round our area in the late 1950s early 60s! He had the 'steptoe' style cart with a lovely horse pulling it. My friends and I would be walking home for our dinners (lunch!) and get very excited to see him and would try to get apples for the horse to eat, sometimes he would give children little free gifts in exchange for bits of household junk I think it was one of those seaside windmill things that blow round in the breeze! Hardly any cars parked anwhere around, memories of a quieter way of life...
  • Banana Creamy Ice Lolly
    Yes I distinctly remember buying these from the corner shop on my way home from school in the 1960s! They did taste great and I enjoyed the creamy texture and soft banana flavour. I think they were 2d or 3d (in 'old' money ! I lived in Lincoln so Midland counies daries was fairly local to us.
  • Old Lob
    Yes I have vivid memories of reading these books at my infant school in the late 50s, I also loved the illustrations in gentle colours and all the animals with the little captions showing their names. I liked Mrs Cuddy the cow and Miss Tibbs the cat. I remember a story where Old Lob moves house and Miss Tibbs gets lost on the way, I was quite upset until she was found again on her old door step! Also recall Mr Grumps a bad tempered goat and Percy the bad chick. School then was not all good but some things like this bring back nicer memories!

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