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  • Caramac Digestive
    Wouldn't these be the same flavour as McVites 'Gold' bars which you can get in the shops?
  • your first record
    My first record was The Bee Gees 'You Should Be Dancing'. I didn't know the song title so my mum's friend sang a little bit to the man behind the counter in the record shop. I was relieved when he recognised it! Still love that song.
  • Watch out for the Humphreys adverts
    I remember someone in my class had a pair of Humphrey plimsolls with matching pom poms on the front...far out!
  • Baby Alive
    I got my Baby Alive doll sometime in the 70's. When I used up the last packet of baby food I fed her my bacon sandwich. I was really upset when I discovered she could no longer soil her nappy or the potty. I guess I then created 'Baby Blocked Up'!

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