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  • Sherbert Pips
    Yup - I don't think I ever managed to get through a quarter before that happened!
  • Screwball Ice-cream
    Yes, that was the best bit - the flavour combination of the ice cream and bubble gum.
  • Meri Mate Drinks
    *Falls on knees sobbing with gratitude* Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! I too thought I'd imagined these! I remember buying the Cola ones on my way home from school from a corner shop (it had an advertising poster on the door of a weeping lemon with the slogan, "I Drink Idris When I's Dry"); as I remember, the Meri Mate tube had a little sticker on one side covering a circular pattern of tiny holes. You had to peel this off to be able to suck the drink up the straw!