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  • View-Master
    I had one of these in the early 80s with a set of reels with photos from a 'Doctor Who' story (I was an hardcore 'Who' fan at the time). I didnt bother to get any more reels and my interest in 'Doctor Who' waned, so eventually the viewer and reels were thrown away. Then, a couple of years ago, I was thinking about the old toys that i used to have, and it occured to me what a great product View Master was. So, I decided to find out if it was still available, with a view to starting collecting some of the reels. Unfortunately, after calls to a few toy shops, and a letter to Fisher Price UK, it transpired that new viewers and reels were no longer being sold in Britain (though it's still going strong in the US). And, since I didn't have a credit or debit card, I couldn't buy second hand reels on-line. Still, I'm planning to buy a viewer and start collecting reels in the future. Unfortunately, at the moment I'm on benefits and having to save my pennies.

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