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  • Cabana Bars
    Bring back Cabana! Forget Wispa (that's Cadburys bubbles isn't it?) There's nothing with cherries, even the Cadburys Fuse didn't have cherries. I wonder if it's because cherries are expensive (although their latest offering does have apricot). 3 decades and still waiting..
  • Raleigh Grifter
    Still remember the day I came home and there she was... the ORIGINAL steel blue with union flag. I was the proud owner of the iconic Raleigh Grifter. My first girlfriend (loved her), not bad for 8, and being allowed to skive from the boring evening mosque class that day was a bonus. Spent several summers on my Grifter, and took real care of it. Tried all the stunts, jumps and simulated motor sounds but could never master the wheelie (it was a heavy bike). 'Slip gear' and bruised knees came as standard. Naved
  • TCR (Total Control Racing)
    Got my set in '78 when most of my records were by Showaddywaddy! Besides my Raleigh Grifter, the best present Mum and Dad ever got me. TCR just looked and felt so much more advanced than the slot racing types of Scalextric, which I think has improved since then. This week (30 years later) I bought my 5 and 8 year old boys their first Scalextric - okay so Scales won the war over TCR... but there was a time... when nothing could beat the thrill of lighted cars zooming over the bridge and shooting down - with the room lights off! - and overtaking at will. And I was there. The drawback with TCR, in my case anyway, was that the metal wires embedded in the track would get pressed in somehow and so the car would stop. And the metal tabs underneath narf wore out quickly, didn't they?

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