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  • Pacers
    Sarah - you didn't dream the advert. They ate a pacer...the stripes appeared...and then they said "stripes!" Pacers were delicious!
  • Merlin's Brew
    Loved these!
  • Sasha Doll
    I remember being a bit put out as I got a boy Sasha when I was younger while my sister got a girl with lovely hair. However, I recently sold my boy sasha for quite a lot of money so it all worked out quite well. So pleased to see him go to a good home rather than waste away in my attic!
  • Rubik's Snake
    I still have my green and white one and can impress the kids by making the ball, a dog, a duck and a swan!
  • Rubik's Snake
    I have the green and white one and can still impress my kids by making the ball, dog, duck and swan!

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