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  • Teletext
    I remember a friend showing me Ceefax (she wasn't allowed to watch ITV)and I was totally amazed. I don't think we even had a remote control in our house at that point so Ceefax blew my mind. I'd compare the experience to the first time I used the internet at the beginning of the nineties. Ceefax/Teletext really did seem impressive back then. Who would have dared to imagine the wonders of the 'red button' we have now?
  • Scented Erasers
    We're used to the idea now but just think about it for a moment. Some stationery designer wakes up one morning in the 80s and thinks, "I know what the world is missing. It's missing erasers that smell of fruit"...
  • Sensible Children (public info film)
    I'm still terrified by gravel pits and the like because of the Lonely Water ad. We were actually encouraged to be superstitious rather than safety conscious! Did the job though.
  • Booby Trap
    I loved this game and would still play it if I owned one. I suppose it was probably banned after somebody got one of the coloured pieces embedded in an eye ball (they used to go with quite a force). Those were the days... when simple boxed games represented a clear and present danger when played.

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