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  • Sepultura
    Sepultura..South American metal at it's best! wot can i say? I LOVE 'EM! although i stopped following them when Max left the band but i still love to crank out their stuff...LOUDLY!!!
  • Iron Maiden
    Maiden are my all time favourite band My mother helped to get me into them cuz she has a tendency to buy my da stuff that he's not really into..& strangly enuff she bought him the first ten years on video 2 which he replied "Iron Maiden?" he never watched just sat on the shelf gathering dust so one day i thought why not give em a try?after all i'd grown up on Deep Purple,Sabbath, Zeppelin...ect so i popped the video in the machine & i've never looked back since! they are amazing!they have always have been a very focused band,producing amazing live performances & awesome albums.I just couldn't live without Maiden! what ho said the king with three bonce! don't meddle wit things you don't understand! Nicko is so funny! i love him to bits!

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