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  • Victory V's
    Lovely, would like to have them again.
  • Sherbert Pips
    Heavenly, until they changed the recipe. When I used to like them they were so fizzy it would burn you if you put too many in your mouth at one time.
  • Root Beer
    I loved it and miss it.
  • Parma Violets
    I like these, and had some of them last year. Not my favourites, but good.
  • Nesquick
    I have two cartons of this in my kitchen cupboard right now. I use a spoonful on cereal instead of sugar, and I sometimes mix the chocolate one with margerine to make a chocolate spread.
  • Mighty Imps
    I hated those, they used to taste dirty somehow, and not sweet at all.
  • Meltis Newberry Fruits
    My grandmother's favourites. I liked them if they were going, but wouldn't have bought them for myself.