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  • Aqua Manda
    My Nan used to work in the Amersham Goya works so we used to have it all the time. This was in the seventies. I remember seeing photographs of the girls on the line and there was my nan, in her fifties then, with her fashionably pointy glasses on and I think they wore hairnet and hats (?) I remember Maryf's recollection of Zendiq too, I had forgotten that til now. I adored the smell of the whole Aqua Manda range. If they did bring it back I think sales would rocket! I would personally want to buy a lifetime's supply! My late Nan was Molly Fountain, I wonder if MaryF knew her? Monique
  • Mandate Aftershave
    I still LOVE Mandate aftershave! On a man and not me that is! I bought some for my best friend because I adore the smell. My first boyfriend wore it and he was a young version of Brad Pitt and Rob Lowe combined! I remember being on the top deck of a red bus and I could smell Mandate wafting past my nostrils giving me butterflys, I wondered who could be sitting behind me wearing it. My stop was nearing and I turned around to get off only to see a 'Steptoe' looking old man with no teeth sitting behind me! Despite this it still conjures up thoughts of first love and hormones. I am so glad they still make it! Monique
  • Wimpy
    I worked as a waitress in a Wimpy in Camden, London in the Eighties. I was about 25. I actually liked them. The chef would cook them fresh in front of your eyes on a grill so no nasty teenagers doing god-knows-what at the back like they do in McDonald's and such. The place was spotlessly clean and we were always busy lunchtimes. It was the most popular place in town. For dinner every day I had a burger in a bun with fries and a vanilla ice cream served in a little silver bowl. The only thing then was serving food when you were full up. Wimpy bars were the best places to socialise too.
  • Mivvi Ice Creams
    I loved these. If Mum was flush we would get one of these each (for me and my brother). Orange or strawberry Mivvi's on a hot day. The lolly part was thick and syrupy til you got through to the ice cream. They lasted ages. All the lolly's now are watered down and fairly tasteless compared to the ones in the seventies.
  • Cresta Drink
    I LOVED this drink. Me and my brother, Malc, would sit in the back of grandad's mini car while Nan did her shopping in Budgen's. To keep us quiet we had a PINK Cresta, a Curly Wurly or a packet of Quavers. They were the good ol' days! I don't remember what flavour the Pink Cresta was but it was my favourite. Cresta sell lemonade in my local shop still. The Cream Soda was a favourite too!

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