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  • Rubik's Cube
    Yeah I did that lol
  • Big Daddy
    I went to see him once along with The Giant Haystack and Tally ho! kay, it was really fun to watch them wind up the old women who were sat ringside waving their Handbags at him,Oh such happy days.....
  • Ford Capris
    I remember my dad had a silver one,but he wasnt too pleased with the output of the 1300 engine if i remember correctly,i think the power to weight ratio was a bit rubbish,he got rid of it after a year,and traded it in for a mk2 Escort with a brown vinyl roof, I must admit this was a vast improvement on the Capri.
  • Jetpack
    yeah!! I thought that too lol
  • Vesta curries
    I have had a love affair with Vesta Chow Mein since i was at school,I was introduced to chow mein when i was about nine yrs old and loved them ever since,i am now coming up 56 yrs old,but to be honest i have a lot of trouble getting hold of them these days,asda have stopped stocking them(for some unknown reason!!!) I used to buy them in bulk to last me a month or two,but alas they are becoming more & more illusive as time goes by!! Why!!! can anyone let me know which of the main supermarkets sell them now, i have tried sainsburys-morrisons-tesco-etc... and they all say that they dont carry them anymore,such a crying shame when there are obviously people out there who love them as much as i do.