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  • John Belushi
    Read "Wired - The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi" A fascinating biog written by Bob Woodward (All the President's Men) who grew up in the same Illinois town as Belushi
  • British Rail
    Having spent many a Sunday evening sat in a freezing carriage between Crewe and Stafford stations during the early 1980s, I can confidently decry Jimmy Saville as a barefaced liar. Train travel in those less than enlightened times had more in common with "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" than choir singers and smooth journeys
  • Ronco Adverts
    Ronco also produced pop compilation albums in the style of K-Tel in the early 70s. Be the first in your street to own Smash Hits 6 featuring Lieutenant Pigeon and Clive Dunn!
  • Watch out for the Humphreys adverts
    I remember Lenny Henry impersonating Muhammad Ali and warning us to watch out there's a Humphrey about.... but i'm blowed if I can remember which programme it was shown on!

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