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  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    John Candy,never better.
  • Joan Armatrading
    Saw Joan in Plymouth two years ago,fantastic night out! I also saw her at The Rainbow (Finsbury Park) in 1982/3 ,I won't wait another 30 odd years to see her again!
  • Fresca
    Really miss this drink,Tesco used to do a grapefruit squash which was a bit like Fresca if you made it up with fizzy water. I keep searching for it,but probably in vain.
  • Blue Peter
    Simon Groom was my crush,bit of a shock when he was on an anniversary show and he'd gone bald!
  • Action Man
    I remember Blue Peter showing how to make a jumper for Action Man using an old sock. I think it had to be a clean one...

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