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  • Spangles
    Does anyone remember the mint Spangles which were like square Trebor Mints and came in a blue packet with white stars on.My friends and I use to pretend we had 'made' Polo mints by licking the dent in the middle to wear through and make a hole. I'm sure it's not a dream!
  • Opal Fruits
    I remember the 'mint ones' well (Pacers) but couldn't remember their name,thanks for that. Unfortunately my memory is of rushing out of the classroom across the playground to the outside toilets and being violently sick at school.To be fair it was nothing to do with the sweets which up until then I had really loved. Once recovered several days later I could never again put them to my lips and the sweet waxy mint smell.....Yuk.However lime Opal Fruits always my favourite !

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