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  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
    Sung to the He-Man theme: I have the power to pick up a flower it takes me an hour or two. I loved He-Man (guess that from my username?)
  • The Breakfast Club
    I had a massive crush on Molly ringwald so this and Pretty in Pink spent a lot of time in our top-loader
  • Baby D
    As a "back in the day" raver, I loved everything Baby D. Many a night/morning was spent in a warehouse/nightclub with a pair of white gloves, a dust mask and floppy hat. aaah, the memories
  • 2 Unlimited
    2Unlimited are still going, only its now 2 women. Its a franchise of some sort. Techno techno techno techno!
  • Ghostbusters
    The synthesized speech on the spectrum was ace! Heard it recently and its a bit crackly but for the time it rocked!
  • Big Trak
    My first school bought one as a primitive venture into teaching us kids about robotics (teachers were mad on robotics in the 80s). I saw it and instantly wanted one. After six weeks of torturing my parents I finally got one. Then my cousin sent it down the stairs. It survived the fall but died under the impact of a Tonka truck taking the same downstairs route.
  • Pyramint
    Pyramint! These need to be brought back NOW (although they'd probably cost a fortune now)

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