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  • Chinese Jump Rope
    When we played Chinese jump rope- an elementary school favorite in the early '90s- we started out with the rope around the ankle and we just said "2,4,6,8 (alternating one foot in one out), in (both feet inside the 2 ropes), out (both feet outside ropes), twist, twist (the feet twisted the rope around to face the other direction)x2, diamond (feet make a diamond with the rope. Everytime you twisted it up or jumped in or out you couldn't land on the rope or you were out. Then if you finished the sequence it moved to knee high, to "ice cream cone"- one person takes on leg out so it's shaped like an icecream cone, and pencil or something like that- where both holders only held the rope by one leg. It kinda sounds confusing all typed out like thar lol but it was really simple- and fun! I haven't touched a Chinese jump rope in almost 20 years but I remember it so fondly to this day! :)

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