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  • Marbles
    When I was at junior school I was Marbles crazy. We sometimes called them Arlies. We used to have small glass marbles with a color inside they were worth one. A larger glass marble we used to call them dobbers were worth four. We would say lag one,two, three etc, or one up lag. Then scoop them into a hole made in the mud with the heel of our shoes , with the middle part of the finger. We used to play with metal ball bearings too. Glass marbles without a color in the middle were known as cat's eyes and were also worth four. When I went to comprehensive school they didn't play marbles there. The withdrawel symptoms kicked in.
  • Blackjacks
    Used to be 1/2p when I was a kid then they put them up to 1p. The cheek of it.
  • Pot Noodle
    Golden Wonder used to make them. You can indeed still get Pot Noodles but I don't think they are made by GW anymore. We have a Pot Noodle factory here in Wales close to where I live.
  • Pacers
    Pacers I think were made by Mars
  • Parma Violets
    I can still get them at my local Spar shop. Still made by Swizzel Matlow.

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