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  • Judy Blume books
    Blume, not Blunt! Lol! X
  • Judy Blume books
    Ahh, 'The Pigman', you rang a bell there. I loved Judy Blunt and Paula Danziger (I was lucky in that my mum would but them/rent them for us) but I can't recall the name Paul Zimmerman. Think I need to do some research. Thanks for mentioning it! X
  • Judy Blume books
    Haha! I remember that, too! X
  • Masquerade
    A new treasure book has been released today (The Treasure of the Entente Cordiale) and it made me think back to Masquerade! I was born in '76 so only a bambino when it came out but we loved it; great memories of my mum reading it to us and then myself and my sister (RIP Kerm Xxx) poring through it ourselves. Thank you for updating on what happened to the hare (and the 'thief's') name. X