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  • Perfection
    "POP goes perfection!" The red and blue game board had a timer, and several different shaped holes each with a matching loose piece. The goal was to place each piece (they all had differing shapes) into the board before the time ran out and the board popped, sending the pieces flying. You had to try to get as many in the holes as you could! The thing was, it never seemed to have a set time limit. It popped whenever it wanted to, so you were always on edge and jumped when it sprang! It was great fun.
  • Pooch Patrol
    I think I may still have mine! It is a dalmatian and I used to take it to Junior Kindergarten with me! I loved that dog.
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls
    I think they are adorable! I can't remember when I got mine, but it is a bald baby with a white one-piece suit. There are little flaps on the suit so it's hands can be exposed or covered to keep warm, and underneath she is wearing a little cloth diaper. That doll has a very distinct sweet smell that is quite comforting to me *^_^*
  • Kerplunk
    They do have a new version of Kerplunk. My little cousin got it for Christmas last year, but instead of him playing with it all of us adults took turns with it. It's a lot more cheap now, the plastic is thinner and there are far less sticks and marbles. Even still, it is loads of fun.
  • Gloworm
    Aww, what a comforting memory.
  • Bread Ties on Brake Wires
    I didn't to this but I could see someone doing it! What's more, you guys get sticky tape holding your bread closed? We still have those clips. How to you reseal with lame sticky tape? :P
  • Spokey Dokeys
    I had these on my banana seat!! As well as a horn that was Slimer from Ghostbusters.

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