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  • BMX bikes
    Yes I too was a Burner Boy. I went through a few BM's.... Mongoose, Kuwahara, Torker and ended with a DP Freestyler with C'dubs, Mushies, Skyways, Layback, Two finger levers...It was almost a fashion thing...Had to upgrade constantly. Remember 'Z' rims (zeddies)? And how many buckled pair of Araya's did we go through?....A few tricks in my day were...Kickout, Wheelie, Rock Walk, 360, invert tabletop, 540 kickturn and of course 'getting out' on a Quarter without hookin up. :-) I remember a friend had our dream BM....It was a 'Haro Freestyler'(chrome) with Haro crank. (Envy)We had the best time growing up...Not a Nintendo in sight. But....I've grown up now...Or have I?? ...I ride an R1 now :-D

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