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  • Why Don't You?
    This was one of the programmes we used to look forward to during the summer holidays. We used to watch it then go and try out some of the makes. One in particular I remember was cutting the leg of a pair of tights, putting a tennis ball in the end then tying the other end into a loop so you could put the loop over your ankle, then spinning this with your foot and jumping over it with the other foot. I have seen modern plastic versions, but you can't beat the original lol. I was trying to explain about this programme to my 9 year old, I can now show him that such programmes did exist.
  • Baffleball
    I had two 'baffle balls' the first one I got as a christmas present, must have been in about 1971,I loved it and used to spend hours playing it,a friend of mine, as it was a ball decided to kick it and broke it in half. I remember crying for days lol. I aquired another one a few years later though after saving up my pocket money. I don't know what happened to this one. I would love to own another.

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