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  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
    I have very fond memories of working at Huckleberry’s in Commercial Road Portsmouth from 1984 – 1985. We did most of our training in Brighton and also at Oxford Street. I was on the evening shift on the first day of opening – we were just winding down at 10.30 to close at 11 and then there was a deluge of customers from the Depeche Mode gig at Portsmouth Guildhall that night. I got absolutely swamped in the kitchen on my own and the queue was out the door. I remember being on the grill doing a Turn-Lay-12 for around 4 hours on Christmas eve. Loved the camaraderie of the team and the fish n chips were heavenly. There is a certain smell of dill pickle that can transport me back 35 years. Sadly I had to chuck in the life on the grill to become an accountant.

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