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  • Music Centres
    Yes, that sounds like a radiogram. My gran and my aunt both had one. My gran's was quite small and looked like a cocktail cabinet and you pulled the door down at the front. I can vaguely remember a Beatles LP in it. My aunts was a big long radiogram. I seem to remember the sound from it was quite good.
  • Jim'll Fix It
    I wrote in asking to be taken to school in a Rolls Royce. Jim didn't fix it for me though. I'm still scarred emotionally to this day. NOT!!!
  • Bay City Rollers
    Used to love the Rollers. Money was tight in our house, like a lot of people then, so we couldn't afford the tartan gear that went with them. I remember cutting the tartan lining out of my duffle coat so that I could sew a strip down the side of each trouser leg.LOL. I wasn't too popular with my Mum when she'd found out what I had done.
  • It's The Wolf
    Lol, I'd fogotten all about this.
  • Hong Kong Phooey
    It was a filing cabinet that he used to jump into to get changed.
  • Hong Kong Phooey
    I absolutely love Hong Kong Phooey. I have happy memories of watching him at teatime when I was allowed to have my tea in front telly when he was on. I bought the video a few years back and when i saw the opening credits it took me right back to my childhood. HAPPY DAYS !!!!

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