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  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    Ahh the Alpine man I always looked forward to Wednesdays :)
  • Vesta curries
    I think the chowmwin is the best of the range with the crispy noodles, tastes totally synthetic but very moorish.
  • Spanish Gold
    I thought it was called pirates treasure as well, delicious stuff.
  • Root Beer
    Cold root beer, yum yum maybe I love it because I love the smell of germoline. Also Asda sell it every now and then.
  • Gold Rush Bubble Gum
    I remember these.
  • Cadbury's Freddo Frog
    You can still buy the solid chocolate ones, I bought a big bag full at the Cadbury shop at Cheshire Oaks the other day.
  • Blackjacks
    You can still buy Blackjacks and fruit salads they come in packs like chewits.

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