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  • Hot Pants
    I made a pair and remember wearing them with pretty button fronted smocks @ 1971 and ribbon X tie up the leg sandals.
  • Espadrilles
    Love them. So many colours!! Buying them on holiday in France and Spain they were very cheap! I always trod the backs down. Rather annoyed that they're so expensive now.
  • Afghan Coats
    Funny. I associated them with patchouli when I was a teenager. Now I think that was probably rather naive of me
  • Brut
    Bring back Brut. "Splash it on". Such memories!
  • Biba Make-Up
    Fantastic range. I had the paintbox of eye shadows. I so wish I'd kept it! I liked the yellow tones to the foundation..and deep red lipsticks...and black and gold packaging...Nothing else like it then.
  • Aqua Manda
    Yes it was quite distinctive. Reminds me of miners ? 'Panda Eyes' eye shadows, smocks, painted plimsolls. Essence of the 70's!
  • Blue Grass
    My very first perfume given to me when I was 14!