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  • Space Food Sticks
    Wow, Zeedevee, better check those dates!
  • Opal Fruits
    Lime was definitely my top choice. The they replaced lime with cherry and though I liked the cherry better than the strawberry, for some reason I quit buying them. I know that Starburst are the same thing but for some reaon they just don't seem the same. Perhaps that's why I ditched them.
  • Corona soft drinks
    Stateside we had these things we called Fizzies, essentially a flavored tablet you were to drop into a glass of water and it would fizz up and make a 'carbonated' drink. They were horrible, really, but if you could snitch one when Mom wasn't looking, they were a lot of fun to just put on your tongue and let them dissolve. Mom never caught on that we didn't like them much. In the early 60's my Dad got transferred to Lakenheath AFB in East Anglia and we lived in a little town called Brandon. It was there that my mother found out about Corona from the man who delivered our coal. She was looking for a Fizzy replacement. My brother and I thought the orange flavor was out of this world and I wouldn't mind having a bit of it right now. Of course when I tell those stateside about things like Corona, fresh fruit on Market Day, Opel Fruits (which are Starburst over here), they look at me like I'm from Mars.

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