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  • Pez
    They are back in allsorts of places! I had one when I was a child (cannot remember the character) now I have a Minion one
  • Sherbet Dip-Dab
    I also loved these! Cor blimey this is making me crave one now. The problem was the lolly rarely lasted to the end of the sherbet! So u used to have to stick your finger in it! Which was never a problem when I was kid!!
  • Candy cigarettes
    I was born in the 80s & they were still around then!! My parents were both smokers... So I felt very grown up until I couldn't stop myself eating them!!
  • One Cal
    I do... I used to have it when I was poorly as a kid... Mum just used to make us drink! Anything was better than nothing! What happened to the brand?