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  • Alpine Soft Drinks
    I remember them. Quite bizarrely, my mother has kept a bottle to commemorate Charles & Di's wedding in 1981. It was a limited edition passion fruit flavour. It's never been opened and the empty bottle is redeemable for 3p
  • Scalextric
    I had the TR7 set for Christmas in about 1979. The track was in a figure of 8 and my favorite car was a British Racing Green Ford Capri 280 that had working headlights and brake lights. It handled better than the real thing as i found out later on in life.
  • Raleigh Burner
    When I was 9,I had a Raleigh Super Tuff Burner that had gold paintwork. It was awesome and i was the envy of all my mates. AJ
  • The Terminator
    Can't believe there are no comments about this film. It's an absolute classic. A few years ago, i was doing a pub quiz and the question was asked, 'What was the name of the nightclub in the Terminator film where Sarah Connor was waiting for the Police. The answer of course, is 'Technoir'. Gasps of amazement when i was the only person to get it right. Absolute quality. AJ

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