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  • Edible Paper
    Dee-lish. Memories of being a catholic-indoctrinated 7-yr old playing at being priests with my chums and using rice paper cut into circles as fake Eucharists . "The Body of Chrice"?
  • DinoSour Eggs
    Best gobstoppers ever, lovely and sour and lasted a good while even sookin' at a rapid pace. Only one Ice Cream Van round my way sold them but he rarely appeared. Wish I could find these today, they came one in a box with a little window cutout to let you see the "Egg". Don't know why but I loved that about them when I was a kid.
  • Cadbury's Coconut Boost
    This is the original "Boost". No-one believes me when I tell them about this came out long before what was released as the "Biscuit Boost" but is now just the de facto "Boost" ever appeared. IIRC my big sis had been at Legoland in Denmark and flew back into an airport in the North of England where she grabbed me one. That was months before they appeared in my Scottish hometown and they were around at least a couple of years before "Biscuit Boost" came out. Much as I love the biscuity ones I miss the coconuty goodness...
  • Cabana Bars
    Cabanas and Pyramints were the greatest choccy treats ever. You could scrap like 85% of other chocolate and bring those two back...I'd die happy!
  • Stardust / Spacedust
    There was a packet of this or maybe "moon dust" stuck to the first issue of the "Nutty" comic IIRC.
  • Pyramint
    If I had Jeff Bezos levels of money I'd buy Terry's just to get them making Pyramints again! IMO a tie between these and Cabanas for the greatest chocolate creations in history.
  • Pacers
    They were by some fans of other teams, until after Pacers disappeared. Bring them back, they were always ma Tim mints!