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  • Fishtail Parka
    Does anyone have any memories to tell of the 80's, nylon snorkel parka's? They always had an orange lining, and the best colour was navy blue outer, however green, brown, black, pale blue and grey were other colours. I have quite a few in my own collection, and they are still a warm comfortable coat to wear, especially now that parka's have made a come back. What makes did you own? Lord Anthony, Brutus or other make, they were all nearly made in Hong Kong, Korea or some in England.
  • HEAD Bags
    Cant remember if mine was a HEAD bag, it may have been, but it was black, with the smaller zip off bag, but it had bright illuminous orange handles and on the front had 2x illuminous orange mesh type pockets, the mesh was a square pattern, on the top it had 2 zips so a long flap came up to allow you in the bag. And someone bully always unzipped the bag off the end and started lobbing it aroung the classroom playing pigging in the middle with it. Finally when you got it back all your pencils were broke.
  • Campri Ski Jackets
    I still own a couple of my early 90's ski jackets, a Campri one (Bright green, blue and navy), a French 'De Gamo' (Bright Green, Purple & navy) and a 'ski power' (Red, Black & White), I am glad I kept hold of them now, as they really do remind me and my mates of some of the happier dayz at skool. If you ask me though, think I'd rather go back to college than school. These are now a part of my ever growing collection of coats from the 1980's to present day, reaching around 400 coats.
  • Shell Suits
    I still own my Campri shell suit, it as navy blue bottoms and a navy blue top with a white stripe across the back and a green panel to the sleeves. I still wear it around the house. They are really comfy to wear and feel nice and silky to wear. BRING EM BACK but with sensible designs tho'. I also own 16 Adidas and Puma shell suit tops, all very 90's, when people see them they ask where did I get them from, as they want some of the Adidas designs.

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