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  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
    Haven't been on here for sometime. Lots of new relevant info since I was last here. I find it really strange there is so much mystery regarding Huckleberry's, especially as they came from America, they must of had a track record in America before they came to the UK. They must have been quite a large company, as when they came to the UK they opened quite a few branches very quickly. It was a real shame that Burger King were buying up everything at the time, not only did we lose wonderful Huckleberry's we also lost the big counter service Wimpy's as well. From what I'm hearing Wimpy are talking about opening lots of new restaurants here in the UK, so we may have a return to company owned counter service Wimpy restaurants. Shame we can't say the same for Huckleberry's, they were the best, they had the best concept and the best food all under one roof.
  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
  • Love Heart Lolly
    Although Walls Heart was very tasty I remember it being very expensive at the time, not an ideal product for kids I had to opt for Haunted House Count Dracula FAB ETC ETC.
  • Huckleberry's Burger Bar
    I remember the burger chain Huckleberry's as I was working as a manager in the industry during the 1980's. I never worked for Huckleberry's as they weren't around for very long. I only ate in a Huckleberry's once, their food was excellent, burgers like McDonalds chicken like KFC and lots more all under one roof. I don't know anything about them as a company.They were opening everywhere at one time but didn't last long, there were lots of take overs etc at this time and I think they were bought out by another chain. I do not remember Burger King being around in the UK at this time. The main companies were Wimpy,McDonalds,Wendy's,King Burger. I do still remember their TV adverts, they were the only company at the time to show their thick shakes without lids on the cups, they looked more like huge ice creams than shakes.

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