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  • Junior Showtime
    I have fond memories of j.s. as I was on it a couple of times,doing my version of the " Muscleman" act from op knocks. I remember they would'nt let me use wheels cha cha as my music, I had to use tea for two cha cha, and there was a girl on the same show as me,with a large hat over her head and a face painted on her belly,she contorted and rolled her stomach to make the face move lol. We had fun backstage seeing who could ripple their belly the best.. Wonder if there is any footage of these shows available?
  • Opportunity Knocks
    As a young child,I used to love watching the muscleman,because I would stand next to the television and copy him,before long,i could flex my shoulder muscles,ripple my stomach up,down and sideways. I was always asked to do my act at any party i went to,and always had girls asking me to do it in school. I can still do it now :-)

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