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  • Ronco Adverts
    I have a christmas album by Ronco which is titled A Christmas Present. Full of orchestral christmas delights and it opens out to show a pop up santas workshop scene. This has been in my family since I was a kid in the 70's and I remember playing with the pop up whilst listening to the songs. I now play it every christmas and it takes me right back
  • Then Jerico
    Fantastic band, fantastic songs. Still play them now at top volume and sing along. Sadly my schoolgirl crush on Mark Shaw has stayed in my memory box - wouldn't look twice at him now - Sorry Mark :)
  • Cadbury Cabana
    They were lush! based on a bounty but with cherries and caramel aswell. V sweet, but oh so good. Wish they would bring them back :(
  • Wheelz
    Yup, I remember these. Only ever got them from a local supermarket called Civils though
  • Wimpy
    my very first experience of eating a "burger" was at a Wimpy when my aunt took me there. I remember the burger looking huge and she cut it into 4 and I can only recall managing to eat one of the quarters. We still have Wimpy restaurants and we check in from time to time - they still taste just as good especially when you wash it down with one of their thick strawberry milkshakes

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