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  • Condorman
    I really wanted one of those kit cars after seeing this. They built them down cornwall area (i think). The demo had a porsche 911 engine in it. Great film too
  • The Karate Kid
    Shortly after the film I went out with a girl only to find out she only went out with me because I looked like The Karate Kid.
  • Open All Hours
    The till caught him out a few times too. Apparently he hurt his fingers a few times with it.
  • No. 73
    This was great, Sandi and Neil and of course the sandwich game. Was a couple of guests on it who were rather naughty (i remember one pop star getting it on with a toy bear)
  • Motor Mouse and Auto Cat
    Yeh I remember this. Its vague but I remember it
  • Manimal
    Great programme, I watched one not long back about a wild women that he had to find. COuldn't quite believe how risque her 'costume' (read bit of cloth) was. Hubba Hubba
  • Jamie and the Magic Torch
    Loved it. I wanted to go down that helter skelter so much and wordsworth the english sheep dog. Fantastic they got it on Youtube

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