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  • Hedgehog Flavoured Crisps
    Yes I remember these well, I collected all of the tokens too to send off for membership to the Hedgehog Trust of something.
  • Stand By Me
    One of THE best movies of all time. Period. This is one of my earliest memories of watching films when growing up and is resonated so well as I was the same age as the characters in the film. I remember my mates and I just wanted to go off on an adventure like theirs, we never did. :-(
  • United Biscuits
    Loved these. I used to have one put in my lunchbox every day and I always used to eat it first. - The Orange flavour was great. It seems only yesterday that these were about, I can remember the wrapping design exactly....would love to see these again. But it probably wouldn't happen due to some trademark infringement somewhere...
  • your first record
    WHAM - FREEDOM - I remember hiding behind my Mum as the record counter girl played it to me in Tesco to make sure it was the one I wanted. 7" vinyl stil got it someowhere.
  • Cadbury's Wispa Bars
    Has it really been 4 years since they stopped wispas? - outrage.
  • Quatro
    yes I remember it, and correct was actually called 'Quatro' produced from 1982-1985 in the UK Good news is that aparently the current incarnation of the Quatro brand has been sold and marketed in South America by the Coca-Cola Company, since 1996.
  • TAB Clear
    According to what information I could gather, TaB Clear was Coca-Cola's contribution to the "clear cola" craze during the early '90s. It was introduced in 1993 but proved to be a flop and was pulled after less than a year in the United States and United Kingdom. Launched in 1993 discontinued in 1994. :-(

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