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  • Citroen Visa
    My folks uprooted me from the beautiful Peak District to the dark satanic mills of Slough in 68. I recall thousands of GS Clubs by a factory, they must have imported them. The first car I bought in Rhodesia was a GS Club. Alongside my Mark 2 Cortina, the car of my youth and early married life it was the nicest car I ever had!
  • Death of Elvis Presley
    My lady and I were on honeymoon in Rhodesia when we heard. My wife was a fan of Elvis.
  • 1985 Japan Airlines Crash
    In 85 I was living in Zimbabwe and working for Ethiopian Airlines. Don't recall hearing of this tragic accident.
  • 1977 Tenerife Air Disaster
    I had been working at LHR for BEA then BA 3 years and 77 was the year we married and flew to South Africa & Rhodesia on honeymoon. 77 a big year and vividly remember this awful disaster.