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  • Galaxy Counters
    Counters are back, but don't taste as good, don't remember swissgits or anything like it, but risk it for a biscuit seems familiar, do remember pacers, mint flavoured opal fruits with stripes on them I think.
  • Caramac Digestive
    Gold bars seem a bit more sickly, maybe too much of a good thing! But I do remember the caramac digestives, don't know if they were called carawheat or not, but sounds familiar and makes sense to me, still remember them though.
  • Cadbury's Bar Six
    My absolute favourite of all time, wish they'd bring this back, better than Kit-Kats any day!
  • Space Hoppers
    Got one for my 10th Birthday in 1971, was so chuffed, not got it now, but very fond memories, bright orange, which is also strangely, my favourite colour.
  • Sky Dancers
    We still have our 2 sky dancers, and have fun with them with our grndchild, (safely of course)
  • He-Man Figures
    My daughter loved these, she loved most boys toys, but she particularly liked Orco and the Dragon Walker that we got to got with the he-man and skeletor figures.
  • V - The Series
    Brilliant, just watched the re-make, good, but still loved the original. They played down the alien baby birthing scene a bit on the new one.

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