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  • Tribe perfume
    Sorry it is called sunshine cutie not summer cutie as I said in my last post
  • Tribe perfume
    I've recently bought Gwen Steffani Harajuku Lovers love summer cutie perfume and it smells just like Tribe and funnily enough it is made by Coty.It has to be the summer cutie version you get as the snow buddy version smells totally different
  • Adam and the Ants
    Yeah Malcolm McLaren actually kicked Adam out of the band.Ha Ha it backfired on him and Adam went on to be successful.Serves you right McLaren.
  • Fizz Bombs
    Thanks Chopper for mentioning that.I have bought some Fizzy Wizzy sweets and they are very very similar.I would say the green ones taste similar to Fizz Bombs aswell.I am very happy now :-)
  • Horror Bags (Smith's Snacks)
    Thanks sweetyguy,I'm glad you put bones=skeleton because I have always said to my husband that I used to buy crisps at school called skeleton bones.It was obviously Horror Bags bones whoch had the pic of a skeleton on the bag.I so much miss these along with hollow pig crisps and fish and chip crisps.
  • Whale Bones
    They were similar to the Smiths horror bags.I used to buy these all the time from the tuck box at school.They were really nice.
  • Ruffle Bars
    I think most places are selling them.I know our local Asda and Home Bargains are selling them.In fact I bought mint Ruffle bars from Home Bargains about 12 months ago.I didn't even know they made mint ones.Home Bargains is the place to watch as the sell them loose and not in a multipack and they sell them for about 10p.

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